Welcome To Sasa Defi Elite

Token Supply And planing Sector

Token Supply
Airdrop Burn
Token Staking
Token Total Supply

This Token Totoal Supplyu Is 1000000 Sasa Defi Elite '

Airdrop Burn

we Planing To Burn 30% Token's.

Pre Sale

Our Token Pre Sale Only 50%'s.

Our Working Process

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Concept Of Sasa

    We Make a New Generation Crypto Token.

  • 2. Preparation Of Listing

    first Of All We Need To List On CoinSniper And Next Many More And Last Things is We List Our Sasa Defi Elite On Azbit And Borolex Soon.

  • 3. Future Plan Of SasaDefiElite

    Our Future Plan Is We Make Our Own Exchanger As Soon.

  • 4. Listing Value

    Our Lisiting Price Starting 0.10$ Dollar.


    SaSaDefiElite Supply


    Total Listing Exchanger Our Token


    Listing Price


    Future Holder Plan Of SasaDefiElite Token

    SasaDefiElite All Plans.

    Our Future Market Plan Here.
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    Meet The Team

    Our process on creating awesome projects.

    Meet Our CEO Of SasaDefiElite Limited.

    Erick Dev
    CEO Of SasaDefiElite Limited

    Meet Our Second Partner Of SasaDefiElite Limited.

    jonathor Dev
    SasaDefiElite Partner

    Our Third Partner Of SasaDefiElite Limited.

    Alex Dev
    Programmer And Partner Of SasaDefiElite Limited

    Get in Touch

    Feel free to drop us a line to contact us



    Welcome To SasaDefiElite

    SasaDefiElite Information Here!

    • Name : SasaDefiElite
    • Symbol : SasaDElt
    • Decimals : 18
    • Contract Address : 0x9b4A312590f7BFE861fA920550114D1f49a643F8
    • Telegram Group : @SasaDefiElite_Discussion
    • Telegram Channel: @SasaDefiElite_Announcement